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Marketing And Sales

Marketing philosophy:
Marketing purposes: To provide the ideal equipment and excellent service!
"FUDA"always provide the ideal trailer axles and trailer parts to end-users and dealers:
"FUDA"always offer the best premium services in the industry: Business philosophy: The industry at the head, the customer first.
Business is the first and foremost for all the work in the company. the customer is the center of business activities: Always concermed about the interests of customers, providing the greater value assignment to the customers: The customer is always No.1 in any case: Business style: Passion, Fast. Persistent Passion; Passion for promotion. Exchange warmly. Enthusiastic service. Willing to pay: Fast: Quick response. Quick decision-making. Fast operation. Focus on eficiency: Persistent: Meticulous. Nuanced. Careful service. Never give up.

Market concept:
Market outlook: Discovering the needs, grasp the trend, achieve the goal.
Discovering the needs, grasp the opportunities, facing the market and active initiatively is the activity market philosophy of "FUDA"; Grasp the diverse needs of users is the key to win market."FUDA"should have the ability to control the trend; All efforts were made to reach the market target, never give up.
Brand concept: Create the industry's most valuable brands.
"FUDA"brand is the crystallization of hard work and wisdom of people, all people must cherish their "FUDA"brand, through continuous efforts and continuous innovation, to inject new vitality into the brand; Future market competition, in the final analysis. is the brand competition, brand is rich of an invaluable asset; Through the integration of communication to realize brand value. making "FUDA"prove to be the most valuable brands in the industry.
Competition concept: Professionalization. Executive ability. Overall concept.
Professionalization is the essential qualities of all marketing and sales support personnel staff in "FUDA". Don't indulge any omissions and errors in professional issues; The implementation of one-upmanship to is the fundamental guarantee to gain market competition advantage; A marketing people with a good overall concept, open-minded, experienced would be win clients satisfied, opponents respect.